El Nino Sea Surface Temperature Changes From 1868-1997

This sonification represents sea surface temperature changes related to El Nino effects in the equatorial pacific from 1868 to 1997 obtained from the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies at Florida State University. You will hear the year stated as a polyphonic chord punctuating 12 month data points heard as a harp with two other sustaining ambient sounds to give richness to the sound. The year plays in sync with the January data point. Listen to the yearly and monthly data music keys to understand how the music sounds with a specially designed set of data for each part of the music. This presents the ranges of values and how they will translate to music. For the monthly data, you also can listen to the low, high and norm data values and their associated musical notes

Depending on your musical training, you will be able to tell what year it is just by listening to the notes in the chord. The instruments used for the chord are designed to allow the listener to pick out the individual yearly components from the sound mix.

This music is created directly from the data using original Design Rhythmics Software by Marty Quinn. The sound is produced using a MIDI controlled Roland JV2080. The music is recorded digitally and then rerecorded into Real Audio for streaming over the web. The quality over the web is not CD quality and should only be considered representative of the original CD quality music. Marty would be interested to hear from all listeners at marty@drsrl.com.

Current research includes: log file translations into musical symbolic forms, 2d data into sound and music, and other textual conversions.

Special thanks to David Legler for providing help with access to the data.

The music in this sonification is copyright protected.